State Level Bankers Committee

1. Constitution

The SLBC is an inter-institutional forum for coordination and joint implementation of development programmes and policies by all the Financial Institution Operating in a State.Although SLBC is envisaged as a bankers forum Government Officials are also included.

First Meeting of SLBC was held on 26 March 2001.

Chairman: -The Chairman and Executive Director of the Designated Bank.

Convener: -State Bank of India is designated as Convener Bank.

Member: -

  1. Representative of RBI.
  2. Representative of NABARD.
  3. Representative of SIDBI.
  4. Representative of IFCI.
  5. Representative of all Lead Banks in the State.
  6. Representative of other banks having a fair network of branches in the rural,semi-urban & urban areas of the State.
  7. Representative of the State Cooperative Bank.
  8. Representative of State Land Development Bank.
  9. Representative of State Financial Cooperation.
  10. Chairmen of RRB's.
  11. The Concerned Secretary/Director of Institutional Finance of State Government.
  12. The representatives of Departments of State Government connected with Rural development.
  13. The Planning Secretary of State Government.
  14. Representatives of other banks may be invited to special meeting of SLBC,whenever considered necessary.

2. Functions:-

2. Periodicity of Meeting: - Once in a Quarter.

3. Functions:-

  1. To discuss issues,consider alternative solutions to the various problems in the field of banking development and evolve consensus for coordinated action by the member institutions.
  2. To do the necessary spade work for formulation of Annual Credit Plans by getting in time district-wise resource allocation by Banks and disaggregation of the various Governmental Programmes.
  3. To review the assistance required and provided by Government agencies.
  4. To solve operational problems in implementation of Service Area Approach Credit Plans,Government and other agencies programmes etc.
  5. To review the trends in the flow of credit into rural areas and to the small borrowers in the neglected sectors.
  6. To review Credit-Deposit Ratio,Priority Sector Advances,Advances to weaker Section,Financing of minority communities etc.

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